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Our AI monitors your social media, Internet browsers, search engines, and other digital channels 24/7

It deploys a unique, identity-based learning algorithm that is capable of identifying online content deemed harmful.

Provides real-time recommendations and protection for you  (e.g. when someone gets hacked and their private photos start spreading over the Internet, our AI recommends the best options to protect your emotional well-being and prevent future occurrences).


Learns and adapts to your preferences and behaviors and then provides practical guidelines on how to responsibly communicate on the Internet.

The world's first AI-based educational assistant for parents and internet users.

While technology brings us tremendous convenience, it also introduces numerous challenges, if not addressed properly. For example, cyberbullying and social media addiction are issues we’re all well aware of.

Digismart.ai™ is the next generation learning and personal information assistant, designed to protect children and adults from exposure to harmful content on the Internet.


It learns, stores, filters, and identifies risks of over 20 types of cyber-threats involving social networks, search engines, messaging apps, online games, and other services.

The internet is a fantastic tool for communicating, educating, entertaining, and a lot more. But it comes with a cost, and that is exposure to harmful content - such as hate speech, bullying, cyber harassment, and self-harming behavior.

We want to change all of this.

This app makes the digital world safer for everyone. 

Our goal is to protect first, then empower internet users of all generations and locations to more effectively make safe and healthy decisions online.

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