Achieving Global Peace on the Internet

Updated: Mar 6

We started out with great intentions, but it didn’t take long for the internet community to turn ugly. Although this time there is no actual person that we can blame.

It’s just the anonymity of the online world where anyone can say anything - never mind how hurtful or damaging it may be.

Since the release of the internet on the global market, there has been an unprecedented rise in unethical, and even illegal, online activities; a great deal of which threaten to suffocate democracy. The period from 2011 to 2015 was characterized by a notable escalation in these violations.

It is not easy to be a person in the online space. Abuse, harassment and cyberbullying are some of the challenges anyone can encounter while browsing the web”.

The first step to peace in our world is peace online. DigiSmart promotes digital literacy, prevents cybercrime through education and advocates for peace in the digital space.

AI-powered app that changes everything – our digital assistant – holds your hand through the internet chaos.

Our greatest concern are the kids and vulnerable adults. Our new app directly solves growing problems like social media addiction, trolling, cyberbullying, high screentime, impersonation, and identity crisis.™ is a revolutionary artificial intelligence system, trained to identify patterns of online behavior that are correlated with real-life harm.

It learns and adapts to your preferences and behaviors and watches over your web activity, alerting you when it finds something potentially harmful.

Our mission is to protect young people from exposure to harmful content – in one click, without any effort on the user’s part.

We built because we believe relationships and conversations with machines are inevitable.

To make that future better, we built this personal digital assistant that protects users from making bad decisions on the internet.

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