The word ‘evolution’ over the years has become one with the very nature of humans, just as the gradual development of different aspect of our societies has become a normal thing. Small markets of few kiosks have been turned to combinations of large plazas and bush-paths have been turned to neatly paved roads for transport.

This development has also taken place in the education institution. Once, students carried slates and gathered under trees for a ‘formal’ system of education with pride. Fast forward to decades later, this type of education became old-school. This was because better writing and reading materials as well as properly built schools for learning became the order of the day.

Then came I.C.T; super computers and the internet. Once more, the standard was raised because as humans, we would naturally seek the most convenient means that provides the best results.

Everyone had to adjust once more and so we did.

Or did we?

The truth remains that change is not easy. Creating a pattern or routine to live by in our very busy society is not so easy either. So, when we find a system that suits us, we hold on to it very tightly and resist change. Sometimes without realizing it.

Although, even when the decision to adopt the next-best-thing for one’s field may not be the easiest, or convenient choice, it mostly turns out to be the best decision. This is because more than ever, speed and accuracy is critical in everything. Hence, new inventions and technology must offer nothing less than a means of doing things faster, easier and better!

This is why there is a huge gap in the results of those that have, and those that have not keyed in to the latest technologies in their fields.

If it would be unfair to still locate schools under the cool shade of trees in this time and age, then the question is: when would it equally become unfair to subject the learning of pupils to the four walls of a classroom? Or to the traditional methods of learning our grand-parents were taught with?

The world we live in now is global. For one thing, we live in times when the attention of the world can be directed to a particular person, thing or cause at the same time. With a few click, one message can get across to hundreds of people, thousands, millions even billions. This amazing development in a different manner has equally taken place in the education institution.

Evolution is like a moving train, it may come slowly but it comes surely. How fast it happens however depends on us. Choosing to do less when we have the capacity to do more may not have a terrible effect…immediately. Especially when others are not taking bold steps also. However, those that stand out and produce extraordinary results, understands that being exceptional means going the extra mile, even (especially) when no one else is.

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