Road to #EDUCON2020: Redefining The Future of True Education

In this era of technology, the definition and purpose of Education has taken a big shift from what it is usually perceived to be.

In Mid 2019, The Socialight team launched her first CSR initiative, DigiSmart, which was birthed for the sole purpose of educating communities, organizations and key societal institutions on harnessing the power of the digital media positively.

With a strong focus on the Education sector targeting at least 1 million Educated beneficiaries within 2019 - 2023.

So far, DigiSmart has recorded over 500 beneficiaries from all spheres of the education sector; Teachers, Students, School Directors and even Business owners.

We were able to achieve these numbers with the aid of strategic partnership with The Lagos State Education District III, headed by The Tutor General/Permanent Secretary, Dr. Yinka Ayandele who has tangibly added to the success of this ground-breaking project so far.

She released an official statement as regards the DigiSmart project, stating:

With the help of key products like DigiSmart for Educators and Websters, the team has been able to train beneficiaries across board; students, teachers, directors to mention a few.

#EDUCON2020 was flagged off to gather Education enthusiasts; Educators, Students, Self-Educated individuals, talents from all spheres of life to deeply converse on issues pertaining to Education, it’s perspective and it’s future.

This year's edition is themed “Redefining the future of True Education”.

The purpose of education has evolved over time” and we need to adapt to this new change by taking advantage of the opportunities.


Anyone passionate about Education basically!!

The event is scheduled to take place in August 2020 and attendance is FREE (At least for now) So, head down to and get your ticket now!

For more information about this #EDUCON2020, follow DigiSmart on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter.

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