According to Albert Education, he defined literacy as the ability, confidence and willingness to engage with language to acquire, construct and communicate meaning in all aspects of our daily living. Literacy as it connotes, is very critical in helping us make sense of our world and things we do on a daily basis. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed/sleep, we are always making meaning of the world around us. Digital literacy is the ability to find out, evaluate what you find out and construct a clear information through writing and other medium on various digital platform. Development just as the name implied, is the process of been developed. That's the process of upgrading from previous level to new level better than what it used to be.

The advancement of technology over the years has brought the knowledge of computer to almost all our daily usage in nearly every profession of human activities. The culture of digital literacy is spreading fast in the developing countries of the world and so our country Nigeria who is just developing should not be left out on this progress in digital world. Digital literacy has been an important aspects of human activities since two or three centuries. In century past, people communicate via letter writing. This letters soon turned to telegraph messages. From there, they advanced to the use of telephone, internet and then text messaging via a phone which is restricted to only the educated persons in schools and public office.

But today this form or forms of communication have overshadowed every aspect of our existence in at least one or two generations past. Now everyone can have access to the internet to learn different kinds of skills according to the area of their interest with less expenses. It does not just promote education alone but promote all area of specialization: been a farmer, vegetable seller, driver, okada rider, doctor and even bricklayers cannot be left out. The way and manner our students learned and their ability to showcase their learning has surpassed the years of book report, poster and shoe box representations. They learn in a new way we have never seen before! Going ahead of their teachers in a particular subject or the scheme of work given to them due to the knowledge of internet they have.

With the increase importance of technology in societies, digital literacy is gaining more recognition as the most valuable tool for development. See for instance, developed countries like United States of America (U.S.A), Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and Sweden etc. are all developed and still continue to develop as technology keeps improving. Why because they discovered the secret of what it takes to be digital citizens right from their primary education to higher institutions; spending lots of money in purchasing the right equipment’s into their various schools and hospitals. Not just education and health institutions alone; they go as far as improving their security network and political setting.

They cast their vote electronically without telling anybody to stay at home on the day of election. That's why our leaders keep taking our hard earned money to continue developing all this already made countries by going there regularly for medical checkup, headache and even body pains while we have qualified, knowledgeable and capable hands/doctors to handle such illnesses.

There is no way we can achieve a liberating and collective intelligence in developing our country (Nigeria) until we take the issues of digital literacy more seriously. We must take it as a major concern not just to our leaders but to every citizen of this country who can sleep and wake-up. Our leaders should realize they can't be running to other countries for medical checkup or hire foreigners to do our road projects forever. We also have more than capable hands that can handle them effectively without any form of complain if been provided with good and workable equipment’s to carry out their duties.

Let our leaders take this as a challenge and equipped our various school libraries with functional equipment's starting from primary schools to higher institutions. If all this is done, in future; our various institutions would start producing qualified doctors, engineers, great managers and also good marketers that our country Nigeria can be proud of.


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